0.8 million Pakistani workers legalized in Saudi Arabia


Pakistan relies to a great extent on foreign remittances (most of which come from the Gulf region) to bolster forex reserves.

For the last two years, Saudi Arabia has been emphasizing on nationalization of jobs to counter its unemployment rate of 12%. With nearly a third of its population of 27 million comprises of foreign workers, the kingdom has maintained the status of an employment hub for Pakistanis working overseas.

That Pakistani authorities have availed the opportunity of legalizing illegal Pakistani workers is great news for the country’s economy is passing through a terrible phase. Nearly 800,000 workers have been legalized during the amnesty period allowed by KSA, according to the Senate Standing Committee for Overseas Pakistanis.

While thanking the Saudi Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Labor, the embassy also shared its plans of a registration campaign for all Pakistani nationals who were unable to benefit from the amnesty period that ended on November 3, 2013. According to official statistics, 300,000 Pakistanis are yet to legalize their status and face the risk of being fined, jailed or deported from the Kingdom.

By Minahil K.