A dark day for the Butts of Pakistan

A dark day for the Butts of Pakistan

A dark day for the Butts of PakistanThanks to Pakistan’s numerous and hyper active TV channels Pakistanis, in fact the whole world, were introduced to Lahore’s Neanderthal Butt. Butt has many meanings like cigarette butt, the butt of all jokes and of course the human rear end. And there are the Butts of Lahore—a particular clan usually associated with food, drink and body building with a marked aversion to any intellectual activity. A new Butt activity was seen on TV during the shameful Model Town massacre.

While policemen led by their officers were beating up women and shooting people dead a man was seen rampaging through the streets breaking up car windows and smashing anything around. The TV identified him as one Gulloo Butt—an associate of PML(N) politicians and a police tout—whatever that means. What astounded everyone was the patronage he was getting from grinning policemen who seemed to be encouraging him in his dastardly deeds. He seemed oblivious to eye witnesses and TV cameras confident that his powerful friends who had given him the task he was doing would save him. They probably will. A police officer was seen embracing him.

Isn’t it time someone kicked Mr Butt’s butt? And also the butts of all those associated with him—no matter how high and mighty they are. If ever a Butt needed kicking it is this despicable character called Gulloo Butt. The police are not going to do it. They are simply there to do what they are ordered to and nobody is going to order them to kick Butt’s butt. This Butt has disgraced all the Butts in the world so maybe they can get together for a butt kicking session.

Going from the picture splashed across all the newspapers and the shameful images on the TV screen this Butt did not look quite like a Butt. But then there are all kinds of Butts—short, tall, skinny, fat etc.  This criminal Butt has been arrested because he was caught in the act and there was no way that his actions could be condoned. He may even be jailed if respectable Butts can take time off from eating to pressurize the government— but even in jail he will enjoy perks and privileges and just bide his time. Sad but that is reality. Butts like Gulloo Butt are needed to kick butts and once in a while get their own butts kicked to save their masters butts. One thing is for sure the word Butt and butt has acquired a whole new meaning and from now on may be used interchangeably with Punjab Police.  Another character—probably not a Butt—was seen roaming loutishly with a pistol in his hand under police patronage. Gulloo Butt did get a public thrashing outside a court where he was brought by the police but the TV cameras caught policemen advising him to play dead and not resist till they could take him away.

The saddest part of this sad day were the killings by the police. Cold blooded murder by law enforcers. It doesn’t get worse than this—ever.

Azmaish ka Waqt