A Man Who Has Everything Yet He Is Ready To Beg For His Nation’s Future

As part of the global community, we, the Pakistani nation, must support economic relations with all friendly countries including raising debts, engage in trade, seek foreign direct investment, and initiate joint ventures. We must also appreciate that Saudi Arabia has always acted as a lender of last resort for Pakistan on many occasions. While appreciating our good relations with them we may question the nature of our relations with Saudi Arabia for many years. They have treated us as a client state. Along with the USA, they have used us as a frontline state against their conflict with communism and terrorism which has cost us a lot. This cost has been many times more than the money provided by them. The blame is not on them but on our elected and unelected governments. Imran Khan’s government seems to be continuing on the same path which is worrisome. During Nawaz Sharif’s government military intervened and convinced Nawaz not get involved in the Yemen conflict as it would be against Pakistan’s national interest. That decision was appreciated by the Pakistani nation despite many direct and indirect threats from Gulf State like UAE and Saudi Arabia.
“Video clips of PM Khan weeping like a child while offering supplication at the Kaaba were circulating the web and it hit me. This man has everything material. Wealth, fame, prestige and the highest office of the country. He has achieved more in one lifetime than many of us could possibly imagine. Oxford grad, Cricketing hero, celebrity status, philanthropist and Prime Minister of the country. His kids live abroad, comfortably in a family of billionaires. This guy is in his late 60s probably crawling towards the end of a lifetime of greatness. A man with the ego of a mountain, his cricketing tales and political struggles being testament to the same. The man who never buckled under pressure, who never showed a shade of weakness to the opponent. And here this man was, sobbing like a baby inside the Kaaba asking something not for his personal self – God has given Imran Khan everything – but for the sake of this country, for the sake of a better future for me, my children and theirs. Sure, the new government has not put its foot down on major issues and sure they’re dicey on a lot of matters but this man who has been the epitome of willpower is at the knees of the present Saudi regime and all other nations who could salvage us out of this decades of mess just to avoid the prospect of leaving a bulky debt for yours and my children to pay back in the years to come. Would have been so easy asking for another loan to pay back the previous one. Who’s going to hold him accountable after five years? These existing regimes whose very souls stinge of filth? Never. Imran Khan doesn’t need anything from us. He has given this country more than maybe a lot of us combined. His personal self is fulfilled. Whatever he’s pleading before God for, whatever he’s begging the Saudis for, wherever he’s letting down his personal self at – everything is selfless. It’s for me, for you and your generations to be. Hate the government for not coming up to your expectations, criticise them – that’s the beauty of being a democratically aware nation – but acknowledge what he’s doing and the decades of garbage left for him to deal with. Be realistic in your opinions and stand by him for what he’s doing. We are lucky to have such a selfless man at the top today and we might never witness a leader of such greatness in our lifetimes again. I’ve stood with Khan from Day One and I’ll continue to support him come what may. Because I’ve yet to see someone so alarmingly selfless and devoted to the betterment of the Pakistani people.”

Imran Khan believes that whatever he does is in the national interest while his views on others political parties and their intentions are quite negative and there is a good reason for that when we look at the state of our country after successive rule of PPP and PML-N. This trait of PM Imran Khan has often been criticized by political opponents and certain segment of public. PM Khan has also spoken against PML N and PPP governments for seeking debt and aid packages. Though Imran Khan has been forced to do the same but hope lies in his intentions and in his promises to the nation. His government has announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed to provide a relief package. This borrowed money will hopefully be utilized to pull the country out of its economic crisis and jump start the economy. Iran too is an oil-rich neighbor. Pakistan under its new leadership, which is exactly on the same page with its military, can play an important role in defusing the tensions between our long time ally Saudi Arabia and our Muslims neighbor Iran. PM Khan and Pakistan’s military leadership has already welcomed Iran’s efforts to further strengthen ties with Pakistan in trade, security and regional cooperation. This is the kind of challenge Imran Khan promised to tackle to ensure we exercise our sovereignty in making decisions and pursue balanced relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Imran Khan determined not to accept NRO in his address to the nation was a message to all those who have been involved in damaging the country and responsible for creating the current financial crisis. He has warned them of an uprising if an NRO was offered to the corrupt as the Pakistani nation is not ready or in the mood to forgive those who have plundered their country and built their fortunes in other countries. We all know that when it comes to pursuing his ambition PM Khan can make any sacrifice and show unmatched determination, as we have seen in last twenty two years of his political career. He is only concerned about people of Pakistan and national interest.

Imran Khan is always open to advice and suggestions from the opposition as he believes there are good and capable people in all political parties. In his recent interviews with The Atlantic and Middle East Eye, he has accepted two foreign policy suggestions that have been recommended by the opposition party members. First that a regional platform of Iran, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Pakistan, and the USA is required to solve the crisis in Afghanistan. And second that it is futile to expect India will soften its position towards Pakistan before general elections next year. The PTI leadership welcomes advice by all members of the parliament and experts about the fast-changing situation in the larger region and promises to proactively pursue and adopt it if it is in national interest.