American Horror Story


In a recent article the American south Asian expert on imperialism Christine Fair has once again argued that her country must change its policy with Pakistan. The thrust of her argument consists of ending the coalition support funds (CSF) program. She peppers her ‘paper’ with ‘facts’ and then argues that ‘It is time to develop coercive means to manage the international menace that is Pakistan.’

Sigh. There you have it folks. Once again, we have an American ‘academic’ advocating that it’s their duty as a nation to combat what they believe is an international menace. Like an animal that can’t stop after it tastes blood, it seems America is a nation that can’t stop destroying nations or dreaming about it at least. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Afghanistan2.0, Iraq, Iraq 2.0 , the Arab Spring, Syria , more and more it seems, that  the American establishments philosophy can be best summed up by the Pringle potato chip jingle of once you pop you can’t stop!  I mean, never has a nation, since its exile from isolationism gotten it so wrong in terms of what their role should be in the comity of nations.

The fact that Pakistan, (a nuclear power with the second largest Muslim population) keeps making the US establishment’s hit list, just goes to show that the world needs to rise up and confront the menace that the U.S.A is becoming. One simply cannot expect sense from a nation, whose psychological profile reads like that of a rich pathologically lying narcissist bigot! I mean this is a country that talks about democracy fairness and justice for all and then has candidates like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as its presidential candidates.

Imagine dear reader if America was a person. Imagine if America the person was made into a movie. What the audience would see is the evolution of a person, who despite being blessed by circumstances, goes on to become a murderous psychopath who enforces his will on whomever he deems is unworthy just because he can. The oscar worthy element of the movie would be the silent commentary on how America the person bored of engaging in regular killing employs minions (like Christine Fair) to convince those he surrounds himself with that the person he is about to attack deserves it. Now imagine this one victim, who despite repeated attempts by America keeps getting away, let’s call this victim Pakistan.

The American obsession with the Muslim nuclear armed Pakistan will not end till it has the same fate as Iraq and Afghanistan. Christine Fair’s (the US establishment’s and corporate media go-to anti-Pakistani expert) favorite target is the Pakistani military. She loves pointing out a how they have never won a war. Okay then going by the same logic neither has the American one. In fact, despite having extensive weaponry that no one in the world has the American military has consistently been defeated by medieval guerilla groups in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

America’s greatest asset is its geography but, I feel, it is also its biggest weakness. It is so far removed from the rest of the world that its academics, have actually started believing in their own nationalist propaganda. Imagine the average American’s surprise, when the rest of the world is simply not that impressed with the American way. Hollywood loves to show that in case of an apocalyptic invasion by Aliens or zombies somehow only the Americans would survive. I really disagree because; an American cannot exist anywhere else apart from America. They cannot imagine anything else apart from the American way of life. However, for the rest of the world, they can.

This American belief in its own immortal exceptionalism is proving to be the elimination of honest reflection in the American establishment. People like Christine Fair are like parts of a virus that is destroying that part of the American psyche which involves logic and foresight. China and Russia are fast catching up in terms of military prowess despite what the American academics like to tell themselves. Perhaps, the time has come, that the American public rises up and corrects its establishment before the world bands together like David to defeat a Goliath long left unchecked.