A befitting response to Christine Fair “the American witch”


In the second session of the HSD a woman from the United States, Christine Fair was a panel speaker. This woman is an Associate Professor at George Town University. She’s a known Pakistan baiter. She opened up with an attack on Pakistan. I have no issues with criticism of our policies but the foul language she used in her talk was as follows:
  • Pakistan is a terrorist predator state.
  • It is a hyena which is the ugliest scavenger.
  • The clowns of Rawalpindi. Referring to our military leadership.
  • It should be declared a terrorist state and sanctioned for exporting terrorism.
  • It is dubious and liar state.
  • It bites the hand that feeds it and took billions of dollars to fund the terrorists to kill American troops.
  • Turning to Chinese Ambassador she said that China should stop supporting this terrorist state.
I was absolutely stunned and furious. So I decided to respond to this utterly vulgar tirade. Briefly my response was:

” I would like to respond to this woman who has used such disgusting words. Let me quote one the greatest military thinkers JFC Fuller. He had said‘The United States has no historical sense. It thinks war is lethal game and whoever has more lethal force wins.
You compared my country to a hyena. Well hyena has some emotions and can be friendly if treated well. Your country is like a vulture. This bird has no emotions and flies over the entire savannah scavenging carcasses. It has been scavenging on carcasses in South America, Central America, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. It has made the entire world unsafe.
You just talk about the clowns in Rawalpindi. You have been very economical with the facts. What about your clowns in CIA and Pentagon? These clowns had no problem to incorporate Rawalpindi in SEATO and CENTO to contain the USSR. They had no problems when starting the disastrous Afghan wars. When these clownish vultures didn’t require Rawalpindi any more we are called clowns.
And please stop giving unsolicited advice to the Chinese. Unlike you they have 4000 years of civilisation behind them. They have the wisdom and farsightedness to do what they have to.”

The woman was absolutely furious. She was seething with anger. I had achieved what I wanted. She responded angrily and personal attack on me contemptuously calling me that General sitting over there. My response was, please get out of this region. You have created enough problems. We will solve our own problems and peace will come.

That added further fuel to the fire.

She feverishly started photographing me with her camera and cell phone. She even photographed me while we were having tea. Probably an article against me is coming with my photos. ? ? ?

I am certain that I will be indelible in her memory till her grave. Pakistanis (unfortunately less some)  after that could walk with a swagger.

By Brig Saad Muhammad



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  • Akbar Mohamadzai

    She was kind to you, you dirty shit hole. Should have called you out for what you are : a murdering, lying, cheating, filthy, mother-fucker offspring of a swine-fucked pariah bitch. Shut the fuck up!

    • optimist

      Mr Akbar a man with low dignity and no sense of pride in its religion and state can talk like this. You seems to be an afghani and I think what rubbish christine a myopic thinker said is true for you guys.

      • I think Akbar Mohamadzai is Christine Fair… This is her typical way speaking when she gets cornered or exposed.

  • Falgrine

    Atlast some one sung the song to her in the same tune.