The Brave and amazing women of Pakistan’s Blaochistan

Batool Asadi

Batool Asadi Batool is first female Assistant Commissioner of Quetta and made her way to the top and shattering the prevailing stereotypes.

Dr. Shaida Jaffrey

Dr. Shaida Jaffrey Dr. Jaffrey is a powerhouse in academic circles of Balochistan, and beyond. She is the ex- Vice Chancellor of SBK, you can hear her stories from almost every university-going girl in Quetta. #Balochistan

Roshan Khursheed Barucha

Roshan Khursheed Barucha She is the CEO of HUNAR foundation and Chairperson of SOS Village. Her Efforts for Education and Vocational Training got her Human Rights Award and Social Work Award from USA.

A girl who made to the list of 30 under 30 in Forbes. Khalida gave a talk on TEDGlobal which brought her int. fame. She succeeded in her efforts to make the women from Balochistan earn for their living through @SugharWomen

Rahila Durrani

Durrani is the first female speaker of Balochistan Assembly and is also known for her efforts to fight for justice and women’s rights in Quetta city. Rahila is a known philanthropist and a Tamgha-i-Imtiaz recipient.

Saira Batool

Saira Batool was among the first four female pilots that received their wings in 2006. This brave girl chose a career path that many guys, let alone women, don’t have the courage to actually adopt. She is a role model to many girls.

Lt Zakia Jamali

Lt. Jamali is the first female commissioned Naval Officer from Balochistan. She belongs to Usta Muhammad. Being from an underdeveloped town, she never gave up on her dream of joining the armed forces of Pakistan.

Zobaida Jalal who belongs to Turbat, made her name in the field of education by becoming Federal Minister of Edu in 2002. She established a school for girls in her village which got her the ‘Pride of Performance’ award from GoP.

Shahlyla Baloch

Not only an inspiration for women of Balochistan but entire Pakistan. A true role model, who left her comfort-zone for something she loved. The legacy she created at such a young age, will live forever. #RIP



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