Captain Ruhullah Shaheed – Bravery of the next level

Captain Ruhullah Shaheed - Bravery of the next level

Captain Ruhullah, the brave captain who heroically fought terrorists who had holed up inside Police academy, holding more than 200 recruits hostage and carried out brutal terror attacks killing more than 60 people, left an extraordinary story of bravery and gallantry to be remembered for all times to come.

Abdullah, one of the survivors of the deadliest attack while remembering Ruhullah, says he can never forget the deceased captain who gave a new life to him and others like him who were trapped inside the building.

Recalling the unfortunate incident, Abdullah said Captain Ruhullah was part of the special rescue squad dispatched to respond to the terrorists and had barged into the academy’s building.

“He [Captain Ruhullah] made way to room where all of us had enshrouded ourselves in darkness to avoid being seen and attacked but unbeknown to us, a terrorist too was camouflaging under the bed in the same room,” Abdullah recalled.

According to Abdullah, Captain Ruhullah broke into the room and called out for hostages and made sure there was no terrorist hiding among the recruits.

“Are all of you the recruits?,” Ruhullah shrieked thrice. He kept asking us the same thing over and over,” said Abdullah. We couldn’t recognise him as there was a light in front of his weapon.

The recruits thought captain was the suicide bomber calling out to them and remained silent.

Figuring out the terror and fear in the room, captain identified himself as an SSG soldier. “Yes, we are,” confirmed the recruits instantaneously.

“We told him that we were from the police, and he asked us to come out. ‘Put your hands up,’ he said.”

However, as the Captain after identifying the hostages, was leading them out of the room under his supervision, he noticed someone hiding under the bed.

“Captain bashed the bed with his leg and found that a terrorist was hiding under it,” Abdullah said adding that before the militant could blow himself up, the captain threw himself onto the suicide bomber.”

“That was followed by a big explosion, and we lost our consciousness and came to our senses 10 minutes later,” Abdullah lamented.

The captain succumbed to his injuries but he had bestowed a new life to hundreds of people at the expense of his own blood.

The government has also announced to award the undaunted Capt. with Tamgha-i-Jurat (Medal of Courage).

Ruhullah updated his last profile picture on 11th of October with a message saying “Call of Duty – There’s a soldier in all of us.”

The martyred captain was also part of the operational team during the Bacha Khan University attack in Charsadda in January 2016.

Roohullah’s father said his eldest son, Ruhullah was going to be married after three months. He remembers Roohullah as “a lovely son”.

Roohullah Mohmand, 27, was born in Muradabad area of Peshawar on May 5, 1989.

Article Source: Daily Pakistan Global