China acknowledges ultimate sacrifice of Pakistani Police

China acknowledges ultimate sacrifice of Pakistani Police

Chinese Deputy Head of Mission Lijian Zhao on Sunday announced that Chinese people were raising funds for the families of the two martyred police officers who foiled a terrorist attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi, Express News reported.

The Chinese envoy also shared that the Chinese firm behind Beijing’s investment in the Gwadar port and Economic Zone would also raise funds in this regard.

Zhao spoke out on micro-blogging site Twitter, saying that China Overseas Port Holding is raising funds in the Free Economic Zone in Gwadar. Senior officials of the company will also take part in the fund raising process, he added.

“Pakistan’s friendship to Chinese is deeply rooted and generated from heart. To protect us, they left their lives behind. Chinese enthusiasm for donation expresses gratitude to policemen, reflecting a special feeling to Pakistan, which is also very touching,” he said in a tweet.

“China and Pakistan are iron brothers. This is a people to people friendship. Besides awards from govts,Chinese people volunteered to make donations for families of 2 Sindh policemen who sacrificed lives for protection of Chinese Consulate General in Karachi,” said the Chinese envoy in another tweet.

“Chinese donations for Pakistan police have shown that China-Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains and deeper than the sea. The friendship has never been empty talks, but deeply imprinted in hearts of Chinese & Pakistani people.”

Earlier on September 23, security forces had averted a terror attack on the Chinese consulate located in the upscale Clifton neighbourhood of Karachi.

Four people – including two police officials – were martyred before the three terrorists were taken down by security forces. The diplomatic staff inside the consulate remained unhurt in the attack.

Article Source: The Express Tribune