Clean water for Punjab


‘Saaf Pani Programme to be Punjab’s saviour’

Saaf Pani Programme is among the landmark initiatives of the Punjab government which will help control water borne diseases and other ailments.

Punjab Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Manshaullah Butt said this while talking to a delegation of representatives of local bodies on Thursday. He said the government was spending billions of rupees on the project which was an example of transparency, standard and speed like other projects of the provincial government.

He said the Punjab government had established an autonomous and fully-financed company to improve safe drinking water supply as per the World Health Organisation’s Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality in rural areas of the province. He said the programme was being implemented in a professional manner and services of experts were also being utilised in this regard.

The landmark programme will provide safe drinking water to every household within 0.5 kilometres radius in a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable manner, he added.

He said that mobile testing laboratories were also being set up to achieve objectives of the project. Best professional staff will be selected on merit for the laboratories, he added.