CPEC: China to start welfare projects in Pakistan

CPEC: China to start welfare projects in Pakistan

In a bid to ease the problems that Pakistanis face on a day-to-day basis, the Chinese government has decided to form comprehensive policies that will aid the welfare sector of the country. All of Pakistan’s four provinces will be surveyed in this regard.

According to the agreement between the two countries, water filtering plants, green and clean health care initiatives and a central labour support system will be launched along with those already being developed under CPEC’s banner.

These projects will be initiated on CPEC’s transit route from Gilgit to Mansehra during the first phase of the project while the second phase will see development on the route from Mansehra to Islamabad. The vision is to extend these projects along the route till Gwadar.

Chinese Ambassador Le Yucheng, while talking at a private university, acknowledged that Pakistan is very important in the South Asian region and that the Pakistani government and its people have played their role to take the Chinese initiative forward.

He said that the country’s people are already benefiting from CPEC plans that have been delivered in the last five years and that they will also benefit from the welfare projects that China hopes to introduce.

Article Source: The Express Tribune