Daddy’s Legacy Lives

Daddy’s Legacy LivesThey bombed daddy’s last abode and burnt it down to ashes; they robbed us of our birthright. Heartless creatures, enemies of the state!

But truth is- daddy is already sick of us using his face to sell compromised goods- be it political parties, ideology or even the currency. He wants nothing to do with the country anymore. He says it’s not his child but then again daddy had commitment issues and it is so like him to ‘want out’. We love him despite these flaws and cling to his memories for dear life.

Daddy is well-remembered even today: historians trouble themselves trying to chronicle every little detail of his life. He was a famous man- he did great things and spoke beautiful English but like good children we have stayed away from all the grown-up stuff he talked about. Politics, we have been told, is offensive to ears polite even if it is daddy’s work.

The Ziarat residency episode may have destroyed the rooms where the whiff of his last cigarette still lingers but his is a ubiquitous presence that cannot be blotted out to suit the fancy of a handful of bitter, disgruntled countrymen. His legacy is fairly simple to understand: the black sherwani and the karakul hat. Daddy was quite the showstopper back in his day and we intend to follow in his footsteps by investing in sharp sherwanis and so far, it’s working. Come December 25th, we’ll bake him a cake and promise to make him proud.

By Abid Basheer



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