Despicable Davis

The CIA contracted employee Raymond Davis has done what must come naturally to him—shown ingratitude and hit out at those who according to him helped him out of the ugly mess that he created for himself and his country by his foolish, reckless and downright stupid behavior. The Davis episode that left three Pakistanis dead—two shot by Davis on the pretext that they were trying to rob him on a crowded street where Davis should never have been and one run over by a poorly driven US Consulate car that tried to rescue him by speeding the wrong way on a one-way lane. The Davis event exposed the access that CIA operatives and contractors had gained into Pakistan by an indiscriminate and unmonitored visa issuance policy and led to a review of the visa policy, cancellation of visas and the exodus of all those of the Raymond Davis ilk.

When the diplomatic immunity gambit failed and public outrage gathered steam the US was given a way out of the mess by a payment of USD 2.4 million to the next of kin as ‘blood money’ permissible under Islamic Law. The song and dance that Davis makes about being whisked out quickly was actually the process that saved him from being lynched by an enraged mob. Something like what happened to US military personnel in Somalia.

So why did Davis write the book? According to a recent article just last year Davis was in dire straits  He was;

  • under huge debt of $700K
  • his wife Rebecca had taken separation from him
  • a few years ago he had to relocate from his hometown (Wise, Virginia) to Highlands in Colorado due to high debts
  • wasn’t paid enough on retirement by CIA
  • applied for more than 30 jobs in last five years–no luck
  • tried to commit suicide twice in April 2012
  • In last four years–he had two road accidents, drove  a car without insurance, picked up three street fights, two police cases were registered against him, and he was taking drugs since late 2011.

The good Samaritan who helped him write the book probably got him out of his financial mess. The Public Relations firm that produced and marketed the book has a Colorado based Vice President and no doubt was hired to do the dirty work. The 150-page book if it can be called a book was available free on the social media the day it was published and is already selling at a much reduced price that is predicted to hit rock bottom soon. Some marketing strategy!!

It is only a matter of time before the people behind the venture are exposed. Already names are being bandied about and they all have a South Asian ring. Not too difficult to guess which South Asians have it in for Pakistan and are mortally afraid of the Pakistani institution and agency the book has targeted! The only people who are taking the book seriously are those who have personal axes to grind and these are the ones spouting wisdom on the media and making outrageous demands. Actually the publication of the book is timed to take advantage of a charged political environment in Pakistan and create divides. There is also the matter of the Agency that had egg on its face once its shenanigans in Pakistan were exposed and is supposed to have cleared the book for publication.

Pakistanis need to look for motives behind the event before they jump on the band wagon to believe anything that has its source in the west. Most of what is put out has ulterior motives. They also need to stand up and trash attempts to malign and defame their institutions and ignore what they should know is a pack of lies and rubbish. RIP The Contractor—best to let sleeping dogs lie is a good policy.



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