Educational reforms in KP have produced amazing results

The education reforms of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Government in Khyber Pakhtukhwa (KP) has received worldwide appreciation and proved it a millstone initiative for coming political parties in the province.

The Wilson Center’s Asia Programme published “Pakistan’s Education Crisis: under the name of the Real Story.” The report based on dozens of interviews with officials, teachers communities and experts across the province and then tally it with official record of the education department.

The Wilson Center’s Asia Programme is mindful of the serious nature of Pakistan’s education crisis and the troubling implications which poses for the country over the last 11 years.

According to the report despite the fact that the education reforms programme in the KP is much younger than the other province of the country but it has been accelerated with outstanding results by the current political government. The initiative as it started in earnest with the PTI government in 2013.

However, it is to mention here that KP’s education programme is primarily supported by Department for Internati-onal Development (DFID) in collaboration with expert consultants and the government has so far refused to accept World Bank loans.

The reports say that the positive indicator that brought the KP’s programme more efficient and competitive with other province because it is from very beginning based on intensive monitoring and data-driven from the government schools in the province.

According to official of KP education department, relatively the idea of reforms in education through vigilant eye upon school staff attendance, buildings and monthly performance both students and teachers came with the inception of the PTI Government in the province.

“The government started the proper monitoring of government schools in March 2014 and today, a field force of five hundred monitors visits over 90 per cent of schools every month and uploads the data in a central database” the official claimed.

Article Source: Daily Times



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