Exemplary Governance in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa—KPK

Without prejudice, fear or favour.

My father had a dream or call it a romantic notion. 

He was in government service and used to think that on retiring from service he would return back to the village. So instead of investing in land in Peshawar , where we spent most of our childhood in Gulbahar colony, he bought land in the village.

In 1970, he bought a rather dilapidated house adjoining my grandfather’s home for future needs of an extended family. Of course , his dream of going back to the village ,remained a dream. All 12 of his children now live on three different continents around the globe. 

Some days back some louts broke down the boundary wall and declared it as their Qabza. A most emotive and distressing issue when it comes to ancestral inheritance. It is not uncommon for violence to take place. With great difficulty ,I restrained my cousin and his children to not create a ruckus and a tamasha.

Having cooled them down, I started scanning my friends in bureaucracy who I could approach to send in the police to evict the Qabza group.

But then I decided to test the the Baraks of Mr Imran Khan how he has depoliticized the police and how it is more accessible to public. 

I went to this digital complaint cell and made an official complaint. This cell without too much delay responded and acknowledged receiving my complaint. 

A day later they called in the disputing parties to a police station and resolved the issue. Of course we got our property back and the Qabza group made to look like idiots.

In any other time, this would have involved tens of visits to patwarkhana, Hujras, Jirga etc.

So well done KPK police. 

Now it is not a signature visible project or a fancy flyover but a change in attitude towards public service. I hope they carry on like this.

Air Cdre (Rtd) Pervez Akhtar Khan.



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