Facebook Leadership Programme, Pakistan to send to brilliant women


Two of Pakistan’s female entrepreneurs have broken glass ceilings not only in Pakistan but are shining bright on a global scale as well now as they represent Facebook Community Leadership Programme (FCLP).

Founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan Kanwal Ahmed and Sheops creator Nadia Gangjee have become one of the 115 out of 6,000 worldwide applicants to get selected for the tech giant’s first Community Leadership Program.

The program will work to empower leaders on an international scale in building communities around the world with the help of the funds they receive from Facebook, that range up to $50,000.

Kanwal Ahmed:

Founder of immensely popular Facebook group Soul Sisters Pakistan with over 83,000 members that works as a safe haven for Pakistani women where they openly go into discourse about societal issues, share personal stories and experiences and provide support to those in need.

“They saw something special in Soul Sisters Pakistan. They recognised my relentless drive to empower women with THEIR voice. They thought my vision for my community was worth investing in. They wanted me to be part of their program with a hundred brilliant leaders and minds from around the world. I am humbled. Honored. And absolutely drenched in gratitude,” read her Facebook status.

Nadia Gangjee:

The mastermind behind the country’s widely acclaimed first online marketplace that ensures trust and safety for women in the country from facing the hindrances they have to face otherwise. The Facebook groups provides a platform for the country’s home-based entrepreneurs in selling their products and lays out the grounds where consumers and sellers can easily connect.

“Alhamdulillah, humbled and honored to share that I have been selected as a Fellow for Facebook Community Leadership Program to further my mission of economically enabling women, which includes training, support and funding to advance further positive social impact. And a chance to work on a dream project for Pakistani women, which will not be limited to Sheops,” Nadia said on Facebook.