Passion for Education

After I completed the 10th grade, my father asked me to stop studying and work at a factory. I loved studying but he kept pressurizing me to leave the school. He stopped giving me transport fare and even scolded me numerous time. So, I ran away from home and did my graduation on need based scholarship from Lahore. In the evenings, I started giving tuitions to the children in the area I was living in. With the money I earned, I managed my expenses. The passion for education was still there and after graduation, I enrolled myself for masters and kept giving tutions at my place. A young man once came to my house to fix the plumbing. I asked him if he was educated. He told me he had done F.A. but could not afford further education. So I asked him to come to my house for tuitions in the evening and should not pay any fee. I could see the ‘need’ for education in his eyes because I have been at his place. He studied for graduation but when the time came to submit his fee for exams, he didn’t have the money, and by chance, neither did I. He asked me to allow him leave for three days so he could go and arrange the money. After three days, he returned with a box of sweets and told me he went to Larri Adda (Bus Station) and washed buses for three days to earn enough to pay his fee. It was the month of December and extremely cold. Yet, he managed to wash buses each day. After graduation, he told me he wanted to do MSc Sociology. I had done my Masters already but was also instructed in Sociology. So, my student and I, both joined the university. After graduating, he got a job at Lahore Chamber of Commerce in their Research and Development Wing and I went on to find something new to study.

He is one of the many capable but underprviliged children that I have had the honor of teaching during last 30 years. I believe that if you give proper guidance to children, they can achieve a lot. You just have to teach them how to overcome the hurdles in their lives and they will go on to create better lives for themselves.

#WeAreAllEqual #HOPforPeace

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