How an Indian actress felt after working in Pakistan


Indian actor Deepti Gupta who has worked in a number of Pakistani dramas including Neeyat, Malaal, Ijaazat and Ishq Junoon Deewangi has opened up about her experience of working in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Speaking to Indian Express during an interview, Gupta revealed that working in Pakistani dramas has helped her grow as a human being.


“I grew up in a very conservative Hindu neighbourhood. I owe my depth of understanding and empathy across religious lines to the love and affection I have received from the people I worked with, and from fans in Pakistan. This experience has expanded my world view and made me a better human being,” she said.

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Gupta praised Pakistani TV producers for their creative content saying, “I have the greatest regard for Siddiqui and Momina Duraid, the creative mind there. They’ve held on to great, poetic story-telling, unlike Indian TV serials. I don’t know if I could have found a similar space for myself in Indian serials.”

Gupta with Faisal Qureshi in Pakistani drama Malaal. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB

The star shared that she was glad to have her Neeyat co-star Mahira Khan in India. “When I found out Mahira is working in Bollywood, I was delighted. And I was so sad when Pakistani artistes were banned,” she said.

Gupta with Mahira Khan in Pakistani drama Neeyat. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

The Malaal fame actor slammed the banning of Pakistani artistes in India, “When Pakistani actors work in India, it’s a small but significant opportunity for the people who interact with them to build bridges. To take that away is a disservice to our own growth as a tolerant society,” she said.

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The actor also shed light on the entertainment industries’ obsession with tall, thin and fair women. “In school, I never told friends I wanted to act, because I felt people will laugh at me. I never considered myself typically beautiful. No one is writing songs on teri bhoori bhoori (your brown) skin. My weight has always gone up and down. Saying that I wanted to be an actress felt audacious,” she said.

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Gupta began her career in Pakistani entertainment industry with Mehreen Jabbar’s Pehchaan and New York Stories in 2006. She has essayed leading roles in several Pakistani dramas since then.