According to published statistics Delhi notched up 35000 rape cases in 2015 and a whopping 42550 in 2016. Some of the rapes were shockingly brutal and shook Indians to the core. Below is a sampling from the Rape India Project— — that documents cases of rape.

July 30, 2016
Scene 22: A 2nd year history department student of Jadavpur University was dragged into the men’s hostel on campus and molested and her male friend was beaten up on Aug 28th 2014, Kolkata. A complaint was filed by the girl’s family on 2nd September 2014 and an Internal Complaints Committee was set up by the University in accordance with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace 2013 to investigate the matter. Two committee members visited the girls home on September 5th 2014, they refused to identify themselves and asked questions about her dress on the night of the incident. This led the girl to file a complaint for Mental harassment with the Bidhannagar police in which she identified the professors of the University. A number of students then staged demonstrations demanding the accused ICC members be replaced. They also demanded to add 2 external members to the committee and increased security for students on campus. The police were called and the students were lathi charged.

JULY 27, 2016
Scene 24: Repost from @fpicturesq … A seven-year-old child was allegedly raped inside Delhi Public School Whitefield two years ago by a man who worked as a plumber in the school While the accused was released on bail within few months of his arrest, the traumatized girl could not attend school for nearly 6 months after the incident. The mother of the child is now trying her best to help her daughter recover. There is not much information about this incident, normally school authorities never help because their main focus is to save the image of the school. So the question is if a daughter is not safe in the school where else she will be safe? Safety is important in school.

AUGUST 14, 2016
Scene 28: July 2nd a child studying in the first grade was punished with ‘isolation’ in another room of the same school, during which two men, at least one among them reportedly being a teacher in the same school, allegedly sexually abused her. The traumatized child was unable to report the incident to her parents initially. It was only a few days later, when she complained of physical pain and was medically examined, that the incident came to light. The patents lodged an FIR with the police on July 9th in which they recorded that their daughter had been abused by a Sports and Performing Arts teacher and another unidentified man and another unidentified man. More information is available at: http:/

Scene 29: In Sept 2012, an 18month old baby was raped on Royd street. She was found the next morning covered in blood by her mother who is a street dweller. The child was admitted in a private hospital in a critical condition. Her mother later lodged a complaint at the Park street police station. 

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015
Besides these gruesome incidents there were others involving foreign tourists, hotel guests, working women and women commuters in taxi cabs and buses. A horrific brutal case took place in a bus with the unspeakably brutal crime committed by the driver, his assistant and a passenger. 

Workplace harassment is another major problem that women face. Rape cases in the rural areas are rarely reported or documented but are very much a reality.



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