Journalism goes down the drain


First came Cyril Almeida’s article in Dawn, he claimed to be privy to all the goings-on at a top brass meeting between PM House and ISI.
He penned a lot of heavy stuff but had no source for it, some unknown folk believed this or believed that.
Notwithstanding this impediment, his article was feverishly copied all over India and Bingo!
Even landed up on Western media.

Way to go, Cyril.
The noise from this ‘article’ hadn’t died down yet, soon the Nation also came up with one on how DG ISI would be transferred, again using un-named sources. This article was penned by Salman Masood of NYT fame.
It is truly beyond me how these fellers are getting published without disclosing sources, when we write articles, good newspapers and journals make us hyper-link all the stats and give references.

What happened to Dawn, the High Priestess of world-class journalism, how are these flaky articles making it to publication?
Or are the standards lowered for the cause of going anti-Pakistan, starting a diversion from Kashmir and making things uncomfortable for the Army that vows to protect CPEC.

Aha, so it is about CPEC, folks.
Now there will be one illegitimate article daily to strike at Pakistan or its army, by the very same media houses that earn their bread and butter in Pakistan.

Tomorrow there will be another fictional article in Pakistan media.
Happy Days are here, now Pakistani journalists can earn money writing movie scripts too.
Wishing a Happy Article War Week to Pakistani journalists, they have officially entered the realm of Conspiracy Theorists.