Lahore’s Twin Tower project show hosted in China

The Embassy of Pakistan hosted a road show for ‘Twin Tower’ project, which is a real estate venture about investment opportunity in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan, according to a statement issued on Friday.

A delegation from Pakistan along with representatives of 123 Chinese companies and various Pakistani banks, participated in the event.

Ambassador Masood Khalid welcomed the delegation and gave a brief introduction of the project. He termed the project as manifestation of Punjab Chief Minister’s aim to set overall high standards in multiple fields like health, education, infrastructure and industries.

Ambassador informed the audience about the unprecedented incentives being offered to local and foreign investors, enabling them to tap the unexplored economic potential of Pakistan.

Mr. Zahid Akhtar Zaman, DG Lahore Development Authority, informed the audience about the objectives and technical aspects of the project. He termed the project to be a joint venture, wherein the parties shall be sharing requisite expertise.

A question answer and networking session between the project representatives and Chinese companies concluded the road show.

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