Maleeha Lodhi praises PM Khan’s policies


PM Imran’s policies have revived the economy: Maleeha Lodhi

Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi remarked on Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s socio-economic policies are in sync with the 2030 global development agenda.

Speaking at the UN’s General Assembly’s Second Committee, the Pakistani envoy said PM Imran’s policies have revived the economy.

“Uplifting the agriculture sector, providing sustainable and affordable energy, conservation, sustainable use of water resources, ensuring green growth, reform of the governance structure, enhancing accountability, and transformation of the health and education sectors has been a priority for the prime minister,” she said.

Speaking about the water issues facing the country, Ambassador Lodhi said, “Pakistan is aware of the emerging threat that can undermine its sustainable development gains, retard economic growth and push people back to poverty.”

“We have recently adopted a National Water Policy, offering a comprehensive approach to water issues, which is focused on increasing water storage capacity through a number of large-scale projects,” she added.

She further stated that bringing back the country’s stolen wealth is also on the prime minister’s agenda. “We firmly believe that enhancing international cooperation is critical to combat illicit financial flows, especially for recovery of stolen assets.”