Mega star Pro Wrestling start arriving in Pakistan

Mega star Pro Wrestling start arriving in Pakistan

Pro Wrestling Pakistan made headlines when it announced its arrival last month. As Pakistan’s first ever wrestling promotion, PWE is set to hold three consecutive events from May 17 to May 21 in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


However, as wrestling fans continue to anticipate the thrill ride, PWE announced their world championship title, which 25 international wrestlers will be competing for.

At the promotion’s official launch in Lahore on Sunday night, the PWE World Heavyweight Championship was revealed. And what’s even more exciting is that it is completely made in Pakistan.


The first PWE event will be happening on May 17 at Abdul Sattar Edhi Hockey Stadium in Karachi, the second at Punjab Stadium in Lahore and the final in Liaquat Gymnasium, Islamabad. The shows will include multiple styles of wrestling, including singles and tag team. However, the main attraction will be the winner of the tournament at the end of the final show, who will become the inaugural PWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Further, the official theme song for PWE was performed. Composed and sung by Nauman Javaid and Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi, the track – titled Dangal Hai – had a banging beat to it and perfectly incorporated the aggression and the spectacular nature of pro wrestling.

Speaking with The Express Tribune, Javaid shared that Mehdi and he composed the song in just two days. “I was approached and asked to come up with this song on April 13 and had only two days to finish it. It had to match international standards and encompass that aggression of pro wrestling, yet have an Eastern flavour because the event is happening in Pakistan.”


Javaid also shared he was a lifelong wrestling fan and excited that it was finally coming to Pakistan. Asked which wrestler he thought of while composing Dangal Hai, the musician responded, “Goldberg, because he’s my favorite, with a little bit of Bret Hart in it.”

At the launch, Austrian wrestler Bambi Killer, British wrestler Tiny Iron and Pakistan’s very own Badshah Pehlwan Khan were also present. Killer noted Pakistan is the 39th country he will be performing in, saying, “I finally feel like I’m home.”

The three wrestlers confronted each other and expressed their desire to win the championship. Killer picked up the title and claimed he didn’t need to compete and should be given the award already. But Iron snatched it away from him which prompted Badshah to do the same to him. He said that he respected the other wrestlers but he will become the champion and show the world that Pakistanis can do anything.

PWE CEO Syed Asim Ali Shah said they were happy to bring pro wrestling to Pakistan. After losing our status in other international sports, he thinks the venture will be great for the economy as well. “We hope, in the near future, PWE will become one of the top and the most prestigious promotions in the world,” he said. Shah added that after the events in May, PWE will return later this year and soon begin scouting local talent to train as professional wrestlers.


Weighing in on his experience, Killer admitted that being a wrestler was difficult. “There are vast nutrition and lifestyle changes. And you have to forget the fact that you are in pain because it goes on for days. I have a wrestling school in Austria and let me tell you; only about two out of 100 students finish and actually become pro wrestlers.”

Tickets for the matches will be available for purchase online, with price starting from Rs500 onwards.


The launch event also saw performances from Rabi Peerzada and dhol player Kashif Ali.

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