Modi’s brain seems to be warped or is he just stupid


After ‘cloud theory’, Modi claims to have used digital camera, email in 1988

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been shooting one wild claim after another and the internet is exploding with memes. After his wild ‘cloud theory’ on Balakot airstrikes, which left many befuddled, Modi has gone ahead and made another unmissable claim on the interview which some have termed ‘scripted’.

On News Nation, Modi was heard claiming that he was one of the first people in India to use a digital camera in 1988. And, that too, apparently to click a coloured photograph of BJP veteran leader L. K. Advani.

That’s not all. He also said he was one of first few to have used electronic mail (email), back in 1988.

And, of course, this information became new fodder for Netizens. From economists to authors, PM Modi reportedly got slammed from all sides.

Economist Rupa Subramanya was flummoxed that while the rest of the world gained access to email in 1995, Modi was the only one to use it in 1988.

Indian prime minister’s statement from the interview was shared by the official Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and BJP Gujarat Twitter pages. However, they later deleted the tweets.