Murder – Most Foul

Murder - Most FoulThere is very little doubt that the very talented Sabeen Mahmud became the unwitting pawn in a bigger game. Her brutal murder on a Karachi street right after she organized a seminar on ‘Unsilencing Baluchistan’ is a grim reminder that in the high stakes game of destabilizing Pakistan and maligning her military and intelligence apparatus innocent lives do not matter. Brilliant, brave and motivated persons like Sabeen Mahmud are to be used and then terminated if it suits the agenda to do so.

By killing Sabeen Mahmud the intent was to point the finger at Pakistan’s watchdog intelligence agency. The perpetrators or those who ordered the hit naively believed that just because the agency had shut down a seminar similar to the one organized by Sabeen the finger would point to it and also give the separatist movement in Baluchistan some media traction. They were wrong. The opposite has happened. No one in his right mind believes that an intelligence agency would do anything so stupid. Everyone believes that this is the work of those external elements who are behind the insurgents in Baluchistan and much like an earlier high profile shooting in Karachi (that victim survived) this is a shoddy and heartless event that has back fired.

Questions are being asked and need to be asked about the hundreds of NGO’s operating in Pakistan. There is a clamor for their tax status and funding sources to be reviewed after insisting on full disclosure. Not too long ago Mr Fai a long time resident of Washington was hauled up by the FBI for receiving funds to arrange discussions on the Kashmir issue. It is time to find out the western and Indian sources funding the NGO’s in Pakistan. The Chinese – Pakistan Economic Collaboration announced recently has sent shock waves through many corridors and the turncoats and traitors being supported by the West and India are in full cry to earn their supper. Their utterances and writings are in the media and on the net and they are well known for their anti Pakistan views.The sudden spurt of seminars on Baluchistan and activities of self exiled Baluch leaders could not be a coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that one particular turncoat exiled abroad has suddenly found a store of fresh venom to be used against Pakistan and the Pakistan-China relationship. . It is time to expose them fully for what they are — paid touts and hacks. If this is done then Sabeen Mahmud would not have died in vain though her loss is irreparable.

It is the government’s responsibility to investigate Sabeen Mahmud’s murder and and bring all the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible. This must not become another high profile unsolved case — not when Karachi is being stabilized through extraordinary measures that are delivering results. Now that the NA 246 and Cantonment Board elections are over focus should shift to all aspects of this murder — most foul.

By Ahsan Waheed
Pakistanpal’s Blog



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