Pakistan to get comedian Jeremy McLellan, start cooking Biryani

American stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan is finally visiting Pakistan in August.

McLellan is known for often writing about his love for biryani and his humourous commentary on American politics, immigration, Islamophobia and race. His understanding of Islam, diversity of Muslims and Pakistani culture has made him popular among Pakistanis and it’s not uncommon to see a myriad of comments from Muslims and Pakistanis on his Facebook status updates.

Pakistanis have been asking McLellan to visit Pakistan for a long time (so we can feed him authentic biryani, of course!) and when he finally announced he would be in Pakistan in August, everyone was excited!

“I’m going to be in Pakistan (!!!) for the first half of August, accompanying a team of dental professionals on a humanitarian mission for IMANA. While I’m there assisting them, I also plan to do some shows in Islamabad and Lahore,” he posted on his Facebook page.

The comedian has also set up a GoFundMe to help ‘deport’ him to Pakistan — a dig at his haters who frequently accuse him of being too sympathetic towards Muslims.


Speaking to VICE in 2016, McLellan was asked why his jokes are so heavily centred on law, politics and other social issues. He replied saying, “I’ve always been interested in religion, religion in public life, and how spirituality affects people and their approach to politics. And I’ve always talked about social issues, but in the past year, a lot of stuff I was saying started going viral among Muslims.”


McLellan also performs frequently at Muslim festivals and events around North America.




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