Pakistan trade potential can offer great opportunities


Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Syed Ibne Abbas had a luncheon meeting with a group of British business leaders, City Council representatives, government officials and academics in Bradford.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop business and economic ties with the British business community and reach out to public sector organisations of the UK.

In his remarks, the high commissioner gave an overview of the trade and business friendly regime of Pakistan and informed the attendees about the economic turnaround in the country as a result of the economic reform agenda of the government.

The high commissioner said, “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) envisages an investment of $54 billion in infrastructure development and the energy sector of Pakistan. Out of this portfolio, $35 billion would be spent on power generation which would directly increase our economic growth up to 2%, which currently stands at 4.8%.”

British companies have enormous opportunities for investment and consultancy in Pakistan with the advent of CPEC project, said Abbas.

The high commissioner said that Pakistan hopes to develop even stronger business and trade ties with UK in the wake of Brexit; when Britain would be seeking new markets outside the EU. Abbas invited British businesses to take advantage of the trade and economic opportunities available in the country. The attendees evinced keen interest in doing business with Pakistan and showed confidence in the economic future of the country.

They also commended the entrepreneurial acumen of the Pakistani community living in various parts of the UK and said the British Pakistanis were playing an important role in the UK’s economy.

The Express Tribune