Pakistan-U.S. talks on regional peace and stability

The second round of the US-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue concluded in Islamabad on April 5-6 with both sides emphasising on continuing engagement at multiple levels.

The dialogue is an initiative of the Regional Peace Institute (RPI) and is being implemented in collaboration with the Wilson Centre. The first round of this series was held in Washington, DC earlier in January.

The dialogue was held on “Convergence amid Divergence: Identifying Pathways to Cooperation in a Challenging Environment”.

In the four working sessions, the focus was mainly on strengthening US-Pakistan relations, managing militancy, overcoming shadows from the past to head towards economic progress, and finding a mutually agreeable endgame for peace in Afghanistan.

During the process, a vast and meaningful resource of ideas and mechanisms were gathered which could help reshape relations between the two countries.

The Express Tribune



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