Pakistani ambulance driver’s son wins two international film awards

Here Fayeem Avzl, son of Ambulance Driver From PAKISTAN,a man behind phenomenal short films sharing his Story with US!

This amazing talent is from Gilgit Baltistan, He has studied film-making from Lahore, Pakistan. Shupun Xik,short film by Zeeo Zia and Fayeem Avzl knocked 6 films festivals across the world and WON THE BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD IN SOFIA BULGARIA AND RUSSIA Film Festival. He wants to start a film industry in Gilgit Baltistan.


Q- You are from Hunza mountains, Tell us about your education. And is life over there as easy as major cities of Pakistan?
ANS-Well I started my early education from Al-Amyn Model school in Gulmit, Hunza. Then I moved to Gilgit,where I did my matriculation and FSC from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School. Later,I got admission in NCA lahore, studied music there for almost an year and I decided to change my department from Musicology to Film-making but they refused to do so I left.Then I came to know about this new film school called School of creative Arts,UOL from where I did my graduation in filmmaking. If we talk about life in the mountains its very tough especially in  winters, no facilities of gas, electricity, internet and TCS etc.
Q-Tell us about your documentaries? Do you have a proper production team?
ANS-I try to make cinematic documentary films which are like movies. I primarily focus on the mountain culture which is very unique, filled with stories of bravery and hard work. For example, I made a film with two friends on the folksongs and folktales of Wakhi Language which is called a definitely endangered language by UNESCO. Last winters, I did cinematography for a friend’s film which was based on the shepherd culture on the mountains. I don’t have a proper production team here right now. Two of my juniors I work with them. They are in Lahore. However, we work under a company named The North Wind Films.
Q- Why do you make short films?
ANS-I make short films because I am experimenting with things, might be after 5 years you would see me making feature length films in the mountains.
Q- At what platform you release your short films?
ANS-Well I release my films at different platforms like Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook etc. Those which are up to the mark, we forward them to film festivals. Like the shepherd film “Shupun Xik” in which I did the cinematography, the very film knocked 6 film festivals across the world and won the best cinematography award in Sofia Bulgaria.
Q- You are a showbiz person but far away from the real showbiz world. What do you think why is it so?
ANS-I don’t know if I am a showbiz person or not (laughs). I really feel the stories from the mountains and the beautiful landscapes have potential. The landscapes we have here are no less than Hollywood’s CGI created scenes and so are the people. They look like hollywood characters.
So, I really want to start a film industry here which will be called something like  “The mountain cinema of Pakistan”I am studying the society and characters, am exploring some beautiful places where I can shoot my films in the future. That’s what I am doing here.
Q-If you get an offer for movie hero, what would be your choice?
ANS-I will reject the offer and tell them to replace me with the villain (Laughs)
Q- You want to promote tourism in Hunza and side areas, what do you think what is the major reason tourism in our country is lacking?
ANS-This is the topic I am working on right now. I am making a feature length documentary on this issue and I will blame the Government for totally forgetting tourism as the very potential industry after the 9/11 incident. They are not investing in promoting places like Gilgit-Baltistan.
Q-What is your definition of success and achievements?
ANS-When I am contended within myself and at peace and there is no war raging in my head. At that point of my life, I consider myself the most successful person in the  whole entire world.
Q-Who is your ideal personality?
ANS-Michael Moore and Tarsem Singh, both are two amazing filmmakers
I follow them.
Q-You have very unique personality. Do you follow someone or its just your way to see life?
ANS-I don’t follow anyone but I think it came from my culture. My forefathers were nomadic shepherds and when I listen from people about their lifestyles, I try bringing it in my personality.
Q-As a citizen of Pakistan what do you think where we are lacking?
ANS-We are lacking tolerance and we have forgotten to smile.
Q-What you want say to the people who are far away from mountains?
ANS-Support local tourism, leave everything in the cities for some time and come, enjoy the beautiful nature. It will be an experience you would never be able to forget.
Q-Message to Pakistan’s government.
ANS-This place is also a part of Pakistan but we feel so alienated. Leave the constitutional rights aside, at least give us access to some high speed internet. If all other cities of Pakistan can have 3g and 4g, then why not us? When I was a kid, the Government of Pakistan started a 2MW electricity house in our tehsil, believe me or not its been more than 18 years now and this project still hasn’t completed. The old power station is also weary, every week something breaks inside the machine and for weeks we have to stay without electricity.So, please make this electricity power station a reality, it’s not a NASA’s satellite you are building.



If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work, every man in Ishkoman would be a millionaire. Jaw Bull is a labour from Ishkoman Valley who works in Downtown Gulmit from the last 12 years. His life is the same, nothing has changed for him.

This Image will appear on the cover of Pro Outdoor Photography Magazine UK in the next issue.The magazine will be publishing some of his Black & White pictures from the mountains too.  People in UK please get a copy of it and take alot of selfies and be a proud Pakistani!

With every wrinkle, he changes his fate.
With every winter, the soul gets colder.
With every gaze, life becomes deeper.
With every face, comes the fear.
(HHK wrote about this picture in the Magazine).


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