Pakistani TV channel hires first transgender as news anchor

In a rare occurrence, Kohenoor News — a private television channel –went on-air on Saturday with a transgender person on the screen as a news anchor.

The news soon went viral on social media with many appreciating the move by the media organisation.

Earlier this month, the Senate passed a key bill to ensure the third gender’s protection against sexual and physical assaults and harassment.

The Criminal Law (Amendment) (Protection of Rights of Transgender Persons) Act 2017 criminalised a host of offences against the transgender persons and provides for awarding stringent punishments to the perpetrators.

According to the bill, kidnapping, abducting or inducing a transgender person to have illicit intercourse shall be punishable with life imprisonment and fine.

The bill made the denial of the right to admission to an educational institution punishable with up six-month to two-year imprisonment or fine extendable up to Rs300,000.

Depriving a transgender person from inheriting property shall be punished with 5-year to 10-year imprisonment or with a fine of Rs1 million or both.

Unlawful eviction of a transgender person from any place shall be punishable with up six-month to two-year imprisonment or fine up to Rs100,000.

Here are some of the reactions on the transgender person’s appearance on-air:

Article Source: The Express Tribune



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