Pakistan’s initiative to train women as professional drivers


Aurat Foundation out to make maids chauffeurs

Aurat Foundation has launched a project to teach driving to women working as domestic help, helping them become professional drivers.

The foundation will also help the women drivers get jobs under the project titled “Domestic Workers to Professional Drivers”.

“We will help women from low-income group to pursue driving as a career,” said Aurat Foundation Director Rabia Hadi on Thursday.

She said under an initiative to empower women, 10 participants are imparted professional training in driving, functional literacy and self-defence.

“We surveyed 200 households in different areas of Rawalpindi and held community meetings to identify the women who wanted to pursue driving as career and had the necessary family support to do it,” she said.

When asked about strategies ahead for these women, she said the foundation is not only training them, but also working on linking them to the labour market.

“The project has helped the women in a way to empowered them to live and work with dignity,” she added. The foundation has planned to introduce the newly-trained women drivers to the market for skilled workers.