Pakistan’s PM Khan asks Islamic leaders to unite against blasphemous content

Pakistan's PM Khan asks Islamic leaders to unite against blasphemous content

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said the whole Muslim world must adopt a unanimous position through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for raising the issue of the blasphemous caricatures competition at the United Nations.

In his video message, telecast by Pakistan Television, the prime minister said stoppage of such blasphemous acts would only be possible when the whole Muslim World came on the same page.

He said the Muslim Ummah would have to unite to make the west understand their point of view about this very sensitive issue.

Imran said it was not an issue of a Muslim but the entire Muslim Ummah and added that blasphemy regarding Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had hurt all the 1.25 billion Muslims across the world.

The prime minister said the UN General Assembly (UNGA) meeting would be informed that such acts hurt the sentiments of all the Muslims.

Imran Khan said following his directives Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had already started deliberations with the OIC member states. He said the foreign minister would also raise the issue at the Council of Foreign Ministers meeting on the sidelines at the UNGA.

The prime minister said a strong protest would be registered at the UNGA for making the west understand about sensitivity of the issue. “InshaAllah we will succeed.”

He said it is an issue of the entire Muslim community and a part of our faith, as Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is living in our hearts.

The prime minister said the Muslims have not made the west understand that the way they take their religion was totally different from the way the Muslims take it.

Article Source: Business Recorder