Pakistan’s Retaliatory Strike

PAF jets intruded into Indian air space and locked on to 6 Indian army buildings but intentionally missed the target and let the bombs drop near the targets. This was done as planned.
As Indian jets on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) responded and came close , all but one PAF jet came back to Pakistani air space.
The single jet remained inside India and lured Indian jets closer.
As Indian jets came close the last remaining Pakistani jet also crossed into Pakistani territory, gained altitude and speed and sped off.
On Pakistani side a wolf pack of JF17 Thunders were waiting as planned and as soon as Indian jets crossed into Pakistan, they were shot and destroyed.
At least one Mig21 Bison Aircraft fell inside Pakistani territory and another reportedly a Mirage 2000 fell inside Indian occupied Kashmir.
Immediately after knowing that Indians launched a rescue effort with an Mi17 Helicopter carrying PARA (SF) which are Indian equivalent to Pakistani SSG. The moment helicopter was sighted near LOC it was shot down using Anza Anti Aircraft Missile launched by Pak Army Air Defence. Helicopter hovered for few more minutes in Indian airspace while its pilots fought hard with controls and subsequently crashed.
Every move was meticulously planned. All this planning within a few hours of the so called Indian Surgical strike.
They destroyed our trees in 4 locations. We did the same in 6 of theirs.
We did even better and shot down their jets / helicopters and at least one Indian pilot is now in Pakistani custody.
This is called real “Surgical Strike” with the precision of a surgeon.
Remember wars are won and lost by a “Nation” not just the army.
As long as we are together in this we will prevail InshaAllah.