People from Pakistan and India ask their governments for peace

Pakistanis, Indians urge govts to curb LoC violations

 Members of the civil society in Pakistan and India filed an application before their respective governments on Tuesday urging them to take measures to stop ceasefire violations.

The appeal, which was filed by journalists, activists and academics, requested both the governments to take steps to halt Line of Control (LOC) violations and ensure safety of civilians and soldiers on both sides of the border.

The application requested political personalities and diplomats from the two countries to execute a solution to curb LOC violations via dialogue. Moreover, it was requested that safety of life and property of people from both sides of the border be secured and that farmers who had their crops destroyed due to exchange of fire be compensated.

“This is difficult time to see disturbances along Line of Control where reports are coming of frequent ceasefire violations by Pakistan and India that is resulting loss of lives of soldiers on both sides and also of civilians. It is also reported that people who are living nearby border areas are fleeing from their villages to save their lives,” it was mentioned in the joint-appeal.

Further, the appeal mentioned that the violation of the ceasefire agreement 2003 has resulted in destruction of agricultural fields, damage to nearby schools and buildings and that it has caused a great loss of life.

It was added that 2018 was the first time when artillery was used, while 400 incidents of violations were reported this year.

To this end, the applicants requested the governments to hold talks on ceasefire violations and strive for a peaceful and prosperous South Asia.

he Pakistan Army maintains that continued violation of the LOC by Indian forces has caused losses to Pakistan, while in a press conference last month DG-ISPR said that the LOC violations by India are a threat to peace but Pakistan will continue to befittingly respond to Indian aggression.




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