PM Imran Khan questions people of Israel, India on their choice of leaders


Prime Minister Imran Khan wondered whether the people of India and Israel felt a sense of outrage at their leaders who show a moral bankruptcy to win elections.

The prime minister took to his Twitter handle on Tuesday and wrote that the leaders of Israel and India show a moral bankruptcy by defying the international law, United Nations Security Council and their own Constitution to win elections.

He said that leaders from both the countries showed a readiness to annex occupied West Bank and Indian occupied Kashmir. “Don’t their people feel a sense of outrage and wonder how far they will go simply to win an election?” the PM asked.


People of Israel vote today as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fights for his political survival. PM Netanyahu is seeking for a fifth term in office. Meanwhile, India’s general elections will be held on April 11 in which Narendra Modi will be facing opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. The result will be announced on May 23.

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