Post Faizabad Dharna Crisis Disinformation Campaign Against Pakistan Army


Some people with specific agenda have been trying to mislead the people on social media by presenting the post-crisis situation handling in a very negative way.

The DG Rangers Video being circulated on the web:

  • Rangers distributing money (Rs 1000) to released protesters
  • Money was for the released prisoners so they could travel back to their homes
  • These protesters were being released from various police stations
  • Rangers told the released protesters that we are all with you, you are not alone.
  • One of the released protester makes a statement that the top leaders mislead the common man and try to create differences between people.

Ms Imaan’s (Daughter of Dr Shirin Mazari) video message:

In response to this video Dr Shirin Mazari’s daughter Imaan posted her video on social media:

Dr Shirin Mazari’s reaction and response to her daughter’s video message:

In this video, Ms Imaan expressed her anger and disgust at Pakistan Army without understanding the true nature and spirit of the gesture by DG Rangers.

In response to her daughter, Ms Imaan’s irresponsible statements against the Pakistan military, Dr Shirin Mazari has completely disassociated herself and clearly made it clear that she neither agrees nor shares the views expressed by her daughter. Additionally, Dr Mazari has expressed displeasure at the language used by her daughter against the Pakistan army.

Legal and Constitutional Background

According to Pakistan Prison Rules, every prisoner released from jail shall be provided food, clothing, and fare to go back home. The mentioned clauses 132-136 were implemented by DG Rangers Punjab as Head of Dharna operation, appointed by Ministry of Interior under Article 245.

  • The government has proved itself to be completely incapable to managing the affairs of the state.
  • State minister Ahsan Iqbal failed to show spine and put the entire blame of the operation to end the protest on IHC.
  • Law minister Zahid Hamid did not only resign but also had to post a video on social media to declare his belief in the “accepted” version of Islam so that he and his family won’t be harmed.
  • The document signed between the protesters and the state is a shameful admission of state failure.
  • The Army did not have any active role in this entire episode. It was TLY vs the PML-N.
  • PM of the country should have called a security council meeting instead of having one to one meeting with COAS.
  • Interior Ministry should have written a proper request signed by Interior Minister for backup support signed directly by Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal.

There were too many flaws in handling this situation by the Federal Government. Lack of leadership qualities, incompetence and suspicious intentions within the State machinery were clearly visible.

Some people are even trying to create an impression that the whole dharna/crisis was created by the military / ISI, they should ask:

  • Who tried to change the wording of the constitutional document?
  • Who allowed the protesters to freely move from Punjab to the Capital to stage a sit-in?
  • Who suggested that Law minister should resign?
  • Who delayed the action against the growing and strengthening mob despite court orders?
  • Who needed to divert the attention from their corruption cases?

Military and ISI had nothing to gain and much to lose from this unnecessary crisis created by the ruling government. Pakistan Army has been following a policy of distancing itself from political affairs. Pakistan Army’s role in country’s foreign policy and security matters remains significant as the country is trying to fight foreign interference from hostile nations. Additionally, the ruling government had failed to appoint a Foreign Minister for the first three years of its troubled tenure.

It is important to keep all the above mentioned facts in perspective when blaming the only intact and “unpoliticized” national institution of the country that is constantly working to keep the country safe by making unparalleled sacrifices. It’s the only institution which is there to help the country in every possible crisis. This time too, when the civil government was incapable of managing the self-created crisis, they tried to pull in the army. Thankfully the army leadership took the right decision of non-confrontation with its own people and diffused the tension within minutes. It also shows that the people of Pakistan have full faith in their armed forces and therefore asked Pakistan Army to be part of the mediation process.