Punjab administration to ensure price, quality control of essential items

Punjab administration to ensure price, quality control of essential items

Punjab Minister for Industries and Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal has said 309 Ramazan bazaars have been established in the province where essential items are being provided to the consumers at the prices of Ramazan bazaars of 2018.

Addressing a press conference along with Secretary Industries Tahir Khursheed here at DGPR office on Sunday, the minister said that price control committees at provincial and districts level were constituted and 1,057 price control magistrates were appointed to monitor the Ramazan bazaars.

Ministers, advisers, MPAs, and secretaries will also monitor the Ramazan bazaars. All the means will be utilised for the monitoring of Ramazan bazaars and if any complaint came a strict action will be taken against the responsible, he said.

The minister believed that recent increase in petroleum products prices will not affect the prices of essential items being provided at Ramazan bazaars and the government will bear the impact of increase. He said the purpose of establishing Ramazan bazaars was to provide relief to the commoner and in future, ‘we are also planning to deliver “Rashan Bags” on the doorsteps of such persons who were unable to come Ramazan bazaars for buying essential items.

He said these Ramazan Bazaars will be converted into Eid Ramazan Bazaars from 21st Ramazan and items will be added that used on the occasion of Eid and these items will be also be provided at subsidised rates.

Comparing the prices, the minister said that the potato was sold on the price of Rs 12 per Kg in Ramazan bazaars of 2018 and the same price is today. Similarly, onion was sold on Rs 23 per kg in 2018 and the same price is today. Sugar is being sold at the rate of Rs 55 per kg and bag of flour of 10 kg is available at the rate of Rs 290 in Ramazan bazaars and mobile units. Dates are being sold at the rate of 175 per Kg and quality Ghee is being sold at the less rate of Rs 15 per Kg and chicken meat is available at less price of Rs 10 per Kg. Other essential items including fruits, pulses and vegetables are also being sold at the subsidized rates.

The minister alleged that in previous government owners of the mills enjoyed the benefits of subsidy while present government was ensuring the targeted subsidy to the commoner. He said no compromise will be made on quality, availability and prices of the essential items. He said the government also made price app where consumers can complain which will be redressed within two hours.

He said Chief Minister was himself monitoring the situation and commissioners and deputy commissioners will apprise the CM through video link meeting on the daily basis. The minister said that PTI government will provide every relief to the public. Earlier, Provincial Minister visited various Ramazan Bazaars established in Lahore and reviewed the prices, quality and availability of the essential items. Provincial Minister expressed his anger over the long queue of consumers at various stalls and directed to increase the number of workers so that consumers can easily buy the items.

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