Raymond Davis: Failed in personal and professional life!

The global ‘scare trade’ contributes annually in excess of $500 billion towards black economy run by super spies of the US, UK, Israel and India. 
This scare trade promotes rumours/blackmails on terrorism, cyber threats, crop failures, banking breakdowns, false nuclear risks, mega corporate corruption scandals, governmental collapses/overthrows etc.
World media religiously supports/backs this scare trade–it gets them hundreds ofbreaking news on a day-to-day basis, resulting in high ratings and high earnings.
Raymond Davis’s recent sensational fiction: The Contractor—- is a classical example of sensational fiction.  I have gone through this book now–a compendium of spooky spy tales and ‘nonsense’.
One must try to find out what prompted Mr Davis to get this autobiographical book ghostwritten? 
Conversely, Mr Davis is 2017’s Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

Only last year, he was:

* under huge debt of $700K
* his wife Rebecca has taken separation from him
* a few years ago he had to relocate from his hometown (Wise, Virginia) to Highlands in Colorado due to high debts
* wasn’t paid enough on retirement by CIA
* applied to more than 30 jobs in last five years–no luck
* tried to commit suicide twice in April 2012
* In last four years–he had two road accidents, drove  a car without insurance, picked up three street fights, two police       

   cases were registered against him, and he is taking drugs since late 2011.
In May 2016, he was purportedly approached by Jagnathan Kumar–one of the four additional secretaries of India’s R&A Wing. A team from New Delhi visited him in August 2016 and arranged a ghostwriter for him to chronicle a sensational drama to malign Pakistan, through a book.
Now his all debts have been paid off.
This is something similar to what happened in the US in early 2012. One mendicant/drone/jobless American Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was picked up by Mossad/Dutch Islamophobic politician (Heert Wilders) and was commissioned to produce a film on Prophet Mohammad (SAWW).
Nakoula produced a 20-minute film in September 2012, and ignited one of the worst hate campaigns against Muslims in the US. This incident occurred alongside Pastor Terry Jones’s despicable attempt to burn copies of the Holy Quran.
There is an ongoing protracted global campaign against Islam, Pakistan and countries that defend Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as part of their duty.
Please bear one thing in mind, this book by Mr Davis was for $24.99 last week, today it’s @ $16.99–I wouldn’t be surprised after a month it will be selling at $2.99 and then as ‘buy one get one free’. 
 It’s a masterpiece of sensational yellow journalism, and a product not more than merely a ‘filth fiction’.
Comment: Believing the rubbish in this book or discussing it or debating it on the media or throwing tantrums to settle personal scores is a complete waste of time.