Scholar for sale

Scholar for sale

Scholar for saleThis person called Tarek Fatah never ceases to amaze me. He has an uncanny ability to tailor his writings and utterances to suit the desires of the audience he is addressing. No wonder then that he has been given residence and citizenship in a western country that should know better. Not content with his tirades from that sanctuary he ventures forth to any country that invites him to speak against Pakistan. No wonder then that India invited him and no surprise that what he said ‘found resonance among the audience’ as reported by his hosts.

This time Mr Fatah chose to speak on the rise of Islamism worldwide and in his view there was only one reason for that — the creation of Pakistan. Not India where Muslims are disgracefully treated and where radical Hinduism and a horrendous caste system create hatred among Muslims not only in India but worldwide.

Surely a scholar like Mr Fatah would have some knowledge of a global religious resurgence. He should know about the policies that create turmoil in Muslim lands. He should know about the violence unleashed against Muslims that has nothing to do with Pakistan. If he chooses to remove his blinkers and gets out of his ridiculous and comic hatred of Pakistan he would see Pakistan for what it is. A country battling the forces of terror and extremism that three decades of externally sponsored violence has spawned. Maybe he should come and face with the violence that Pakistan is fighting. Scholars like him are a dime a dozen. India is welcome to them.

While in India Mr Fatah should meet the saffron robed crazed Hindu mobs that rampage and kill Muslims and Christians — even burn them alive. If he wants to be raped he should venture out on Delhi’s streets. And if he wants to see squalor he should go and visit the ‘unclean caste Dalit’s. He could also go as a tourist to the north eastern states where insurgencies are raging. In fact he should leave Canada and settle in India. This single agenda scholar is no scholar — he is a blot on scholars.