Sikh temple in Pakistan renovated and reopened


A specially prepared Palki Sahib (palanquin) to be placed at Gurdwara Bhai Biba Singh in Peshawar’s Jogiwara area has arrived in the country via Wagah border on Saturday.

Prepared specially from marble with an estimated cost of Rs400,000, the palanquin will be used to keep the Sikh’s holy book, Gurugranth Maharaj. Traditionally, verses from the Gurugranth are read after placing the holy book on palanquin.


Eastern Punjab’s serviceman Baba Seva Singh has prepared the palanquin.

Numerous Muslims in the Indian state of Rajasthan prepare palanquins from wood, marble and various other materials, which are sent to different Gurdwaras across the globe where Sikh community is based.

The Indian-made palanquin will be kept in Peshawar’s Bhai Biba Singh Gurdwara, which was reopened for prayers after 70 years in 2016.


The Gurdwara, which was closed due to post-partition communal riots, is believed to have been established at the time of the 10th Sikh guru, Gobind Singh, who died in 1708, making the monument at least 300 years old.

The Express Tribune