The Lucky One day

Pak-VS-IND-1st-matchThe first one day match between India and Pakistan turned out to be one of the most interesting ever. Not only was it one of Pakistan’s closest victories but there were several aspects that made the match one for the history books.

Turn of events: Pakistan won the toss and chose to bowl first. Pakistan began with an astounding bowling getting half of India’s team out before they could reach a hundred. However, things started to change once the Pakistani giant, Muhammad Irfan, took the ball. India started to gain momentum again. It was not long before they managed to earn two hundred and twenty seven runs. If that was not enough, Pakistan’s early batting was not exactly good. This could be seen when the first person to bat, Muhammad Hafeez was struck out on the first ball.

Muhammad Hafeez’s breakdown: From the moment he stepped in for batting you could tell by the look on his face that something was wrong. Muhammad Hafeez shocked everyone back home when he struck out on the first ball without even swinging. Hafeez stood frozen near the wicket not moving and concurrently struck out. He later claimed that he was conscious about what happened and had no excuses.

Dhoni’s record: This match though not India’s victory was not a complete disappointment for the Indian team captain. Dhoni won a personal victory by hitting his seven thousandth ODI run. If that was not victory enough, Dhoni also won the man of the match award despite being on the losing team.

Hundred times two: This match proved to be interesting also because of the fact that one man from each team scored a century. From the Indian team it was Dhoni and from the Pakistani team Nasir Jamshed. This is in most cases is an unusual situation.

The Drama and Humor: Though not from the Pakistani team, the Indians put on a show that turned the match into something special. At one point an Indian player seemed to have not only dropped an easy catch but also flipped over backwards. Following that event the bowler who was getting up got darted on the rear end with a cricket ball being passed to him. Later an Indian bowler fell down reaching for a dive catch. Another humorous moment took place when a Pakistani player dived to prevent getting out. When he dived his bat made it into the crease and he was safe. However as a joke an Indian player proceeded to lift his bat up and pretended to get him out. While flat on his stomach a Pakistani batsman stepped right over him as if he was a lump in the road.

The Injuries: During the match a decent number of injuries on the Indian side were witnessed. The first one took place when an Indian infielder dropped a catch and fell backwards. The second was when Indian bowler, Kholi twisted his ankle into a pretzel delivering a fast ball. He was on the bench the rest of the match. The last injury took place when Jamshed shot a near grounder and it ricochet off an Indian fielders leg. The same player proceeded to check his leg for injuries several times during the match.

All in all the match proved to be a rare combination of being stress free yet entertaining. It proved to be quite exhilarating as well as a significant victory. It was so because the Pakistani team won on Indian soil. It was one not for the history books, but for the memories.

By Hamza Faraz



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