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A Pakistani Rickshaw

TKV’s editor, Mashall Khattak takes a look at the amusing link between Pakistani Rickshaws and their unlikely counterparts…

We’ve seen rikshaws in Pakistan. However, not much is known about this short-distance transportation vehicle except that its a quick way to get around. Here’s a little something I bet you didn’t quite know about the Rickshaw…..


1960s model of the Vespa Scooter.

What most Pakistani’s do not know is that the Pakistani Rickshaw, a common sighting on the commercial streets of major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad (unfortunately, none in Islamabad as they are banned in the nation’s capital) have their roots in Italy. Pakistani rickshaws are automated rickshaws which are manufactured by the infamous Italian motorcycle/scooter company, Vespa.

The Vespa scooter is a design icon in of itself but if you look closely one can note the similarities with the general body of the design. It is true that most Rickshaws that whizz around Pakistan today are Chinese copies of the originals but some original authentic Italian Vespa Pakistani Rickshaws roam the streets of Pakistan today. If you look closely at the design of the Vespa scooter and the Pakistani Rickshaw it might just be my imagination and you may disagree but doesn’t it look exactly the same on the lower half? Don’t Pakistani Rickshaws look exactly like a Vespa Scooter except for having a sort of tent over them?

Here’s another fun question….Ever felt similar to Audrey Hepburn whilst catching a rickshaw in Pakistan? You probably have had a lot of fun but you probably haven’t felt that glamorous. Breakfast at Rickshaw’s anybody? The Vespa has featured in several pop-culture references, old-hollywood movies such as Roman Holiday featuring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Below are a few stills of a vespa being used in the movie Roman Holiday….


Source: The Karachi Voice



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