The PTI fan’s burden


Imran Khan PTIAs we are one week away from the most decisive election for the country it is obvious that more than just the masses have caught the election fever. Political parties, big and small are no short of throwing daggers at one another, in their desperation to secure a bigger share of the pie. Less than one week, and the clock is ticking. Everyone is used to Khan’s bash PML-N sessions. Khan is out for the big kill. Where the Shareef brothers stupidly focused on killing ‘machhar’ (mosquitoes during dengue season), Khan will aim for the ‘Magarmachh’ (crocodiles) i.e. the big fish who have corrupted our political landscape. Another cool name he came up with is Jangla bus for the metro bus that has made transport easier, faster, cheaper and more comfortable for 1,00,000 people every day. And the icing is of course Khan’s mission: “Sheir ka shikaar”.

Of course the PML-N should have instead invested in a hospital, or schools, and development because that is what ‘educated’ politicians do. The problem with PML-N is not their inability to invest in human development. Personally I feel that we need more jobs at the moment. We need an economy that isn’t on the brink of failure just for us to stay afloat. And that as a voter will be my priority. But I undertand that my perspective could be different from another person’s. It is not impossible for me to understand the ‘human development’ bandwagon. And that is what both voters and politicians need: an open mind.

This is not a bash PTI piece. But, even if it were, I don’t think PTI as a party and Imran Khan as an individual have any right to object to such a bash session, because sadly, that is what the educated, liberal and honest have resorted to. An eye opener was last night’s Maryam Nawaz’s interview. When asked about the economy and allegations by the PPP for not being able to handle the energy crisis, she addressed her opponent with respect. And explained why because of NEVTA being under the federal government it was not possible for the provinces to pursue energy projects. Instead of going on a rant about ‘Raja Rental’ and other economic blunders we all know the PPP has made.

My point is, does education not teach us to be respectful and dignified? How can Khan’s educated supporters from the best universities not find anything wrong with his defensive demeanor and offensive language? The point behind voting for a political party is to realize that in one package you cannot get all good. It is only a combination of both. As children we idealize our parents but as we grow older and more critical of our surroundings we understand their mistakes and shortcomings, and still respect and love them. Why do PTI supporters not acknowledge their leader’s shortcomings?

Khan will be smart to talk more about his party than spawn sharp criticism towards his opponents. A leader does not need to talk negatively about others consistently. Moreover, a leader has a vision, a game plan. Where’s Khan’s?! I still await Imran Khan’s speech when he will talk about himself only and not continue with the blame game and of course weird abusive language. A man with vision need not resort to cheap tactics. But most tellingly, it is the PTI supporter’s inability to wrap their head around any other mindset, as if they have been exposed to the light and must spread it, akin to the white man’s burden. And this superiority complex is dangerous as it can only divide Pakistanis further.