Time to take back control of Pakistan


PAKISTAN: A Call for an Uprising!

* If you are not Pakistani Muslim this article will make no sense.

There was once a dream that was Pakistan, which became a nightmare over the last 30 years. When we look back at our history we feel ashamed at how we live today. The decline of faith allowed corruption to infest the very roots of our civilization. The phrase “This is Pakistan” once used to mean we were exceptional giving food and financial aid to South Korea, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Morocco to name a few. Today “This is Pakistan” is used to justify everything from bribery, murder, rape, coercion and nepotism. Pakistani society is disintegrating to such an extent that liberals rush to protect vulgarity and immorality like the Mahira Khan incident. Blinded by a love of the crumbling West, these parasites in our country put blood, sweat and treasure to erode the sanctity of marriage, sanctity of the family and faith in the One True God of Abraham. I’m talking about the folks like the ones seen below, oblivious to the harsh reality of life.

These brainwashed, confused and godless bloodsuckers drive around in daddy’s Prado, Porsche and BMW without working a single day in their lives. Reminiscent of the “Let them eat cake” mentality of Marie Antoinette in pre-revolutionary France. Our puppet rulers blackmailed by Economic Hitmen have put us in a downward spiral of debt with no end in sight. We have ourselves seen in this hour of chaos, how every ordinary Pakistani slowly sinks deeper and deeper into depression, debt and mental illness. Sales of anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, sedatives and sleeping pills have skyrocketed (up by 27% since 2010) according to the Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA).

All of this has been instigated by the enemies of our nation both from within our borders and abroad. The decay of our culture, the decomposition of our literature and the poisoning of our media has led to a generation without any moral compass. Anyone who stands up for traditional values is labelled an extremist and ostracized from mainstream discourse. The timeless quote about religion”these are the stories of olden times, outdated in the new world order” can be heard. 1400 years ago, God tells us in the Noble Quran this is nothing new.

 When Our Verses are recited to him, he says: ‘These are the fictitious stories of bygone people.’ – 68:15

Millions of Pakistanis do not participate anymore in cultural activities. The TV channels and newspapers try to force Hindu religious principles on the masses. Pagan practices we never adopted in Muslim history, seem acceptable by Geo News, DAWN and ARY. Muslims ruled over India for 700 years, everything great about India has a Muslim origin. Look at the Taj Mahal as an example, beautiful white marble engraved with Quranic verses with sprawling gardens. Seen as a symbol of undying love, the Taj Mahal is purely based on Islamic art and architecture. The British Occupation forces were appalled at the Hindu temples with sexually explicit and animalistic designs. They even reported the disgusting religious practices like burning widows, sacrificing children, cannibalism, drinking and bathing with human/cow urine in their reports to the Crown.

So sad that we take cultural cues from such spiritual wickedness. Pagan cultural influences are alien to us and will remain alien despite the efforts of a subversive media. Lets not forget the Bollywood honors prostitutes and pornstars like Sunny Leone as a role model. If you support such vulgarity, send your mother or sister to India and have her take her clothes off. How about your wife? would you have her dancing around naked and moaning in simulated sex scenes? I for one do not stand for such moral corruption. All scripture (Old Testament, New Testament and Noble Quran) preach that the chaste and chivalrous will inherit paradise from the Most Merciful God of Abraham.

Already the assault has begun against the education of our youth. The tearing of our religious past and the vilification of the great men who built Pakistan is happening right now. Our enemies are trying to remove the memory of a glorious heritage from our hearts and minds. This defilement of our history would have you believe everything our ancestors did was meaningless. Those who ignore history have no future.

I don’t belong to any political party, I follow no leader, I have given the best part of my life to careful and contemplative study of Monotheism. It’s history, laws, culture and literature inspire my opinions.

The valor of Khalid-bin-Waleed, the statesmanship of Umar, the chivalry of Saladin and the philosophy of Ghazali mean nothing to Atheistic Pakistani Liberals. They would rather take a selfie with Taylor Swift than give a cent to charity, such people are the ones who tell you what to read, what to think and what to wear. This blind admiration of the declining West by the Atheistic Pakistani Liberals would legalize blasphemy, alcoholism, adultery, fornication, drugs, gay marriage and transgenderism. Follow them if you want to dress like a dog on a leash in Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi. 

Morally bankrupt and mentally enslaved Atheistic Pakistani Liberals want to break the family structure and “empower” women to fight and neglect their traditions. Show me one TV show that upholds family values and I will show you 100 that ridicule and undermine them. I have had my fair share of flack from these Atheistic Liberals who call me insane, a man from the stone age. I just donated 95% of my earnings from 32 Startups and thousands of Bitcoin upon my retirement to help the Rohingya, Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghans and Pakistanis. Daddy didn’t give me this wealth, I earned it shukarAlhamdullillah. I ask these people “What have you given back to the people?” the answer is nothing at all. Imagine how ordinary Pakistanis live on US$ 80 cents/day.

As a Patriot I have a duty to my people, those who have faith in the One True God of Abraham and uphold the laws given in scripture. The rich are busy plundering and exploiting the impoverished without remorse, passports ready to flee Pakistan at the first sign of turmoil. The poor, the downtrodden and the weak work day after day and earn nothing but wretchedness and misery. In the morning I see these men huddled together in the cold looking for employment, shovels in hand and anguish on their face. There is no doubt in my mind that the bleak national situation has finally aroused the fighting spirit within the youth. Though they might not show it externally, the vast majority is inwardly discovering their faith once again. Soon we will show ourselves and take back Pakistan.

Hope is the most vital thing for our youth, hope for the seeking and straying masses powered by a renewal of faith. A faith which will not fail them in this hour of confusion, to which they can pledge themselves, on which they can build so that they may at least find once again, a place which may bring calm to their hearts. The rich and poor, educated and uneducated, those with knowledge and those without are all Pakistanis, we are one. We are not represented by any caste, creed, sect or province and the task of the political leadership should be to overcome such artificially constructed divisions. Thus every determined patriot, be it man, woman or child must declare war against the subversive elements in our society. We must strive by means of our faith to return unity to our nation and bring it back from the brink of desolation. 

For us there are only two possibilities: either we remain Pakistanis or we come under the thumb of Pagans. This latter must not occur; even if we are small compared to them, we are a strong force capable of major social change. A well-organized group can conquer a strong enemy. If you stick close together and keep bringing in new people to the ideology of our founding fathers, we will be victorious over our enemies, held bent on desecrating our national and religious identity. Passion is already stirred through the rising tide of distress, and soon this passion will break the chains of mental slavery inshAllah. The fate of Marie Antoinette awaits those who think they are gods. Mark my words, the tide has shifted after the Ahmadis efforts to subvert our constitution.

*I know exactly what comments to expect in response to this article. Atheistic Pakistani Liberals are gonna say this guy wasted his PhD, lives in a cave and has a backward mentality etc. Honestly I don’t care, talk to me when you reach the professional milestones comparable to mine. If you are slaving away for someone else, first start your own business. On the 2nd of December 2017 I retired at 33 after 15 years of learning (BBA, MBA, MS & PhD), teaching (Professor) and doing business (Entrepreneurship and Consulting). I have investments in 32 startups in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics and Big Data. No one can own me, silence me or change my mind without sound reasoning. I am writing this article as I can no longer stand the terrible destruction of Pakistan at the hands of corrupt politicians, incompetent religious scholars and godless liberals. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

By Dr. Zeeshan Q.

Source: www.linkedin.com